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The Institute For Philosophy in Public Life
University of North Dakota
276 Centennial Drive
Stop 7128
Grand Forks, ND 58202-7128

Thank you for your contribution! All donations to IPPL are tax deductible.

IPPL's Budget Details

In the first three years of its existence, IPPL operated on a budget of $39,000, the result of a start-up grant from The North Dakota Humanities Council. As of this year (academic year 2011-2012), it is operating on a $10,000 allocation from the UND Office of Research and Economic Development. No farther funding is, as of yet, available. If IPPL cannot raise money, it will cease to operate, although WHY? Radio has been funded through December 2012.

Our partners make your donations go further by paying our overhead: UND contributes $0.38 for every $1 IPPL raises. This pays for rent, administrative costs, digital facilities, electricity, and a great deal of publicity. UND allocates 20% of Professor Weinstein's time to directing IPPL and creating Why? Radio. More time will be allocated as the budget is increased.

Prairie Public contributes $8500 in resources for each season of Why? Radio. This includes access to the recording studio, airtime, publicity, and engineering costs.

We estimate that 90% of your donation will go directly to programming.

What programming costs:

  • A season of Why? Radio costs IPPL $5,000.
  • A full season of advertising for WHY? costs between $8,400 and $15,000.
  • A year of the Art & Democracy Film Series costs $13,500.
  • A visiting fellow costs $3600
  • A digital-only Why? Magazine costs $4000 (per issue).
  • 5,000 issues of Why? Magazine costs approximately $20,500 to create, print and distribute.
  • Operational costs, office supplies, travel costs, advertising, etc. cost $5,000
Every guest on Why? has donated his or her time and is not compensated for the appearance.

Fundraising goals:

our current goals:

  • $10,000 will sustain Why? Radio and allow a digital-only IPPL.
  • $15,000 would fund all the above with some statewide advertising expansion.
  • $25,000 would fund all the above plus a resumption of the Art & Democracy Film Series.
  • $35,000 would fund all the above plus a modest visiting-fellows program
  • $50,000 would fund all of the above plus part-time administrative support.
  • $70,000 would fund all of the above and physical publication of Why? Magazine

Where we would like to be:
  • In five years: IPPL hopes to have established long-term stability, and a reliable programming and fund base. This includes resumption of all of its activities and a half-time administrative assistant. If IPPL can raise $50,000 or more, then it would likely move into larger facilities.
  • In ten years: IPPL hopes to employ a part time administrative staff member, graphic artist, and grant writer. With $100,000 per year of funding, IPPL could support a full-time fellows program, annual publications, and significantly larger facilities.

List of IPPL Donors

We are grateful for donations of any amount; IPPL cannot exist without your support. If you have questions about our fundraising goals or how your contribution will be spent, email us at

Thank you also to the anonymous donors who donate cash at our live events

(Last updated 5/26/2016. Please let us know if your name is missing)

Adam Smith ($1000+)

  • University of North Dakota, Office of Research and Economic Development
  • Lois Wilde
  • Jessica and Ryan Zerr
  • The Community Foundation of Grand Forks/East Grand Forks
  • James Nickson
  • Eliot Glassheim

Thomas Jefferson($500-499)

  • Kim and Beth Holmes/Sanders 1907
  • David G Bjerklie
  • David Goerger
  • Sam & Mary Johnson
  • Paul Gaffney

Søren Kierkegaard ($250 - $499)

  • Robert Goodrich
  • Debbie Storrs
  • Stanley Kelly
  • William and Jody Haug
  • Michelle Rydz and Paul Sum
  • Michael A Nickson
  • Peter & Marsha Johnson
  • Joyce Weinstein

Simone de Beauvoir ($100 - $249)

  • Jonathan Haug and Maniphone Haug JT Ten
  • Judy and Barry Milavetz
  • Karen T. and Charles Miller
  • Christopher J Schmidt
  • Joyce Ellen Weinstein
  • Michael Beltz
  • Robert Colleran
  • Donna Hastings & Jonathan Geiger
  • Rebecca Rozelle-Stone and Lucian Stone
  • Michael Apple
  • Virginia Held
  • Thornton Lockwood
  • Barbara Shapiro and Jerome Shapiro
  • Michael & Joyce Gallo
  • Eric A Burin
  • Melissa Gjellstad
  • Karen & Raymond Goldsteen
  • Brian Huschle
  • Kwame Anthony Appiah
  • Jerry & Diane Metzger
  • Peter Shapiro
  • Eric V. Souvannasacd
  • Katherine Sukalski & Tom Johnson
  • Nancy Vogeltanz-Holm & Jeffrey Holm
  • Henry and Kristen Borysewicz
  • Elizabeth and Greg Sund

Karl Marx ($1 - $99)

  • Yvette Lapierre and Steven Finney
  • Brian Schill
  • Ronald Franz
  • Charles and Nancy Devine
  • Rebecca and Tyronne Grandstrand
  • Peter and Marsha Johnson
  • Carenlee Barkdull
  • Kenneth and Barbara Carlson
  • Julia Sauter
  • Susan Kay Raatz
  • Martin A Rottler
  • Stephen Langdon
  • Douglas Munski
  • Deborah Brandt
  • Elizabeth M Sund
  • Matthew R Wallace
  • William and Susan Caraher
  • Robert H Boyd
  • Eliot Glassheim
  • Sierra M Kraft
  • Victor Lieberman
  • Matthew J Picklo
  • Mario H Solis
  • Janet L. Spaeth
  • Harvey Siegel
  • Joshua Boschee
  • Douglas Merrill
  • Craig & Kristen Garaas-Johnson
  • Virginia Clinton
  • Monica S Moore
  • Robert Murillo
  • Lana Rakow & Anthony Stukel
  • David H. Vorland
  • Sara Waller
  • Martin A. Rottler
  • Deborah Brandt
  • Jennifer Crumlish
  • Michele A. Iiams

Ayn Rand ($0)

Everyone else.