About the Show

WHY? Philosophical Discussions about everyday life may be the world's first call-in philosophy show. It cultivates a large-scale conversation between philosophical professionals and the general public. Even more so, it illustrates how day-to-day life is steeped in deep philosophical commitments, providing a venue for exploration of these same commitments.

Hosted by Jack Russell Weinstein, WHY? features guests who either work in academic philosophy or whose professions are ideal for bringing out the philosophical issues and assumption of their work. Each episode begins with a monologue establishing the themes of the upcoming conversation, then features a discussion with the guest about their work and how it relates to general audiences. Then the questions come in. Anyone is welcome to write in, but those with philosophical expertise are asked to show how their questions, no matter how obscure, relate to ordinary experience.

WHY? can be heard live on Prairie Public radio stations across the state, in Winnipeg on Shaw Cable, 107.9, and online anywhere in the world. Questions can be submitted in advance or during the show via the internet at askwhy@und.edu. They can also be asked live on the air by calling 888-755-6377.

WHY? is funded by the Institute for Philosophy in Public Life and Prairie Public Radio.

Meet the Host
Jack Russell Weinstein

Dr. Jack Russell Weinstein is a Professor of Philosophy at the University of North Dakota and the Director of the Institute for Philosophy in Public Life. He has had a career-long interest in public philosophy as well as long-term interest in radio. WHY? is the combination of the two. He has authored three books, four edited collections and journal symposia, and over two dozen articles and reviews. He has contributed work for lay audiences to newspapers, magazines, and public radio. He lives in Grand Forks with his wife Kim, their daughter Adina, and their dog Rosie. His webpage can be found at www.jackrussellweinstein.com.

Meet the Producer
Skip Wood

Skip Wood was the news producer at Channel 4 in Fargo/Grand Forks for 22 years. He left to pursue various independent projects, including "The Next Governor", a television documentary for Prairie Public and became the longtime producer for Prairie Public's daily talk show Hear It Now. Skip lives in Moorhead with his wife Stacy.

Music Selection
Canto de Ossanha

The theme music to WHY? is the song "Canto de Ossanha" from the album Lua e Sol written and performed by Jazz Flutist Mark Weinstein. Information about this an other recordings can be found at www.jazzfluteweinstein.com or www.myspace.com/markweinstein