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WHY? stockpiles listener questions in advance. If you are familiar with an upcoming guest or the topic of discussion, send us an e-mail any time before the show's broadcast and we will work to get it read by the host and asked live. We are also willing to call you during the show so you can ask your question live.

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Callbacks are dependent on the volume of live calls and time availability.

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The Institute for Philosophy in Public Life encourages and advertises WHY? listening parties as a means for people to gather and engage in philosophy in the best way possible: as a community.

Listening parties are public events during which guests listen to a live broadcast of WHY? and then talk about it afterwards. Party members are encouraged to call the show with their own comments, and Jack Weinstein, host of WHY? will happily mention the events on the air whether they call-in with questions or not.

To announce your own listening party, write: