Why? Radio episode 88: Are Sports Destroying American Universities? with Murray Sperber

Episode 88:
"Are Sports Destroying American Universities?"
Murray Sperber

Originally broadcast: February 14, 2016

When we think of college, we think of sports: of the big 10, of the NCAA, of the draft. We identify schools by their colors and mascots. Yet, the more money college sports earns and the more professionalized it becomes, the more horrified many are by the impact they have on universities. On the next episode of Why? Radio we’re going to examine this head on, asking about the impact of sports on academics, looking at how they have complete changed student culture.
Murray Sperber is a Visiting Professor in the Cultural Studies of Sport in Education program At the University of California, Berkeley; he taught for many years at Indiana University, Bloomington, and is now a Professor Emeritus of English and American Studies. Sperber has authored seven books, including Beer & Circus: How Big-Time College Sports is Crippling Undergraduate Education, which Sports Illustrated placed on its list of "100 Best Sports Books of All-time." His book Shake Down the Thunder: The Creation of Notre Dame Football, was named by Sports Illustrated as the second best sports history book.

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